Will AI Impact Your Graphic Design Career?

Spoiler: it will. 

Find out how to turn your existing design skills into new opportunities!

Are You Ready for the New AI Reality?

AI is Rewriting the Design Landscape

AI technology is streamlining design tasks, leading to evolving roles and uncertainty in the traditional graphic design industry. The simple fact is employers will need fewer designers.

It's Time to Reinvent Your Career

Harness your creativity and pivot to careers in Branding, Marketing, Storytelling, or Strategic Design. Apply your visual skills to a broader canvas where you shape narratives, influence perceptions, and drive impactful strategies.

It's Time to Be Proactive with Your Career

Explore your potential career paths and learn how to safeguard your professional future

Goldman Sachs: 29% of Arts, Design, Entertainment, Sports, and Media could be automated by AI.

Stay in the Know: Insights and Trends

Courses (Coming Soon)

Graphic Design to Marketing Strategy

Learn how you can apply your design thinking strategies to marketing strategy.

Graphic Design to Branding

How to reveal your innate understanding of branding to manage a brand.

Graphic Design to Content Marketing

Expand your creativity to tell the perfect story across an entire content campaign.

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