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  • What Does Gen Z Think of AI? 21 July 2024 | Issue #57 In this issue: What Does Gen Z Think of AI? Five Ways AI Can Augment User Experience Design Microsoft Designer Now Available for iOS and Android Design Degree Dilemma Let AI write your image alt text Design quote of the week In the 2024 Career Interest Survey, high-achieving members of Generation Z shared their perspectives on various career-related topics, including the evolving role of Artificial Intelligence (AI). Notably, 64% of respondents are already...Read more
  • Cost or Profit: Are You Key to Revenue? 14 July 2024 | Issue #56 In this issue: How close to revenue are you? Gen AI's language bias Creatives need human and tech skills Is the AI bubble bursting? How to start your career pivot PIVOT! As we continue cruising through our third year of tech layoffs, and the potential of a new US government administration that will encourage more M&A activity (which comes with "efficiencies" that reduce headcount), many people are anxious about what is coming next. When life is unstable, people will...Read more
  • Surviving AI: Transform Your Execution Skills into Strategy 07 July 2024 | Issue #55 In this issue: It's time to plan for the future You are helping Figma replace you 3D printing, legos, Dall-E 3 AI can't replace '90s alt-rock bands Design is more than design tools Midjourney Prompt: a group of people are having a strategy session in a conference room. The style should be cartoony. High Angle Shot. The art style should look like a brighter version of Adam Hughes. Use #16203e for the shadows. Use bright colors like Yellow: #fdfcc8, pink: #f86786, and...Read more
  • Are You a Fancy-Schmancy Designer? 30 June 2024 | Issue #54 In this issue: What defines a designer? Create slides in Figma The music industry's complex relationship with AI Influencers > advertising (new data) App/icon/logos for different AI options Midjourney Prompt: a Salvador Dali-type of designer looking pompous. --ar 16:9 What defines a designer? There is a lot of debate about what defines a designer in 2024. Just as we discussed last week around the definition of creativity, I wanted to jump into the definition of a...Read more
  • What Defines Creativity Today? 23 June 2024 | Issue #53 In this issue: What defines creativity? AI recipes and creativity – Podcast All apps sitting under one AI layer AI-powered production studio App/icon/logos for different AI options MarTech vendor finder Midjourney Prompt: a young woman being creative --ar 16:9 What defines creativity? This used to be an easy question to answer. These days, the definition is much murkier. Now that generative AI has gone beyond mundane tasks and is now creating so much content, people...Read more
  • The Generative AI Generation Gap 16 June 2024 | Issue #52 In this issue: How age influences AI comprehension Should managers be afraid of AI taking their jobs? 3 content strategies in the age of AI Apple gets into AI AI is more creative than 99% of people MarTech vendor finder Midjourney Prompt: a man in his 70s trying to figure out something on his ipad. --ar 16:9 After joking about AI art being Boomer art a couple of weeks ago, I'm starting to see more stories focused on how different generations are using, and being...Read more