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  • Do you let your genAI tools lead you to unexpected places? 25 February 2024 | Issue #36 In this issue: New MIT study reveals designers work better with AI Adobe lets you chat with Acrobat Writers will become editors Google pauses image creation in Gemini (whoops) I was able to bring something full circle Researchers at MIT, Harvard, and Toyota (really?) published a paper focused on designers testing out a new generative AI tool named DesignAID. Much like any other image generation tool, DesignAID enables users to type a text prompt to generate...Read more
  • Here's why design is crucial 18 February 2024 | Issue #35 In this issue: AI isn't enough, you also need design OpenAI announces text-to-video tool AI threatens white-collar jobs You have to spend the time to learn AI Study: AI can be a great co-creator Have you ever read an article and feel like it was written just for you? That's how I felt when I read Richie Etwaru's recent Forbes article AI Isn't Going to be Enough to Win. As soon as I read it, I knew I wanted it to lead this week's newsletter. In the article,...Read more
  • AI is helping more people become artists 🧑‍🎨 11 February 2024 | Issue #34 In this issue: AI helping the disabled become artists The hottest job in corporate America: Chief AI Officer Imagen 2 launches Are paid AI tools worth it? Why do marketers (and designers) get laid off first and hired last? Rant about Illustrator's type-on-a-path tool Create your own art Hey, I'm trying something new this week: a Sunday newsletter. My original newsletter would deploy on Sundays and people liked it, so I'm curious to see if you're more likely to...Read more
  • #33: Don't Outsource Your Thinking 1 February 2024 | Issue #33 In this issue: Don't outsource your thinking The George Carlin AI wasn't AI Becoming a cartoonist with AI Top genAI image tools Influencers: Not just for humans and pets anymore Don't outsource your thinking. The initial promise of technology is to automate tasks so we can focus on the tasks that matter. But with AI, we're starting to outsource the important things. Abandoning skills can lead to atrophy. There are skills that we all had before we outsourced...Read more
  • Yes, AI Can Do Your Job, But It's Too Expensive 24 January 2024 | Issue #32 Overall, our findings suggest that AI job displacement will be substantial, but also gradual—and therefore there is room for [government] policy and retraining to mitigate unemployment impacts,” According to MIT researchers, this is good news for those of us with jobs that are at risk of being displaced by AI. The theory is that it takes more time/cost to train LLMs to be able to do things like identify a prescription bottle. This research contradicts a study...Read more
  • The real winner in John Henry vs. the Machine 18 January 2024 | Issue #31 This past week I saw a familiar theme across many articles: AI's impact on jobs. It may have started with the IMF reporting that AI will impact 40% of jobs and increase inequality. The thinking is that AI will replace jobs that are currently being outsourced to countries that don't have the infrastructure to retrain its people. The IMF also predicts that people who adopt AI, workers who tend to be younger and higher-income, will be see greater increases in their...Read more