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I’m on a city-sized ship floating around the North Pacific right now. So instead of new news, I’ll share a new article and some other recent articles you may have missed.

Newish Resources for you

Adobe employees are worried that the software behemoth is introducing AI tools that will cost graphic designers their careers. I dig into why this might be happening in my latest blog post.

AI Robot on the Hype Cycle

Gartner recently released its Hype Cycle for Artificial Intelligence. If you want to see where generative AI landing and where it’s going, read my recap.

Graphic design statistics

The thing to remember about business leaders is they are driven by metrics. In a way, we’re all driven by metrics (how much money did you make last month, what are your bills this month?). But in business, leaders are responsible for looking at those same questions on a much larger scale.

If you’re a designer, it’s harder to present quantitative data to show your value.

Harder, but not impossible.

In this blog post, I outline some stats that you can pre-emptively show to your leadership to show how the work you provide adds value to the business.

Gartner analyst presenting data

Gartner issued another report recently on the impact generative AI will have on jobs. I gave my thoughts on it here.

Good enough for me

Employers and clients demand the absolute best design work … unless they’re the ones doing the work. Or they can save a few bucks. For many companies, “good enough” will be enough. Read about how this can be bad for designers.


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Jim MacLeod

Jim MacLeod

Jim MacLeod was a graphic designer for more than a decade before pivoting to adjacent areas of focus such as marketing, digital experience, and branding. Knowing that AI is going to displace many graphic designers, Jim set up After Design to help designers prepare for this impending change. 

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