Designing in the AI Era: Change is Coming Sooner than Expected

The Threat of AI

People don’t like change. And people really don’t like hearing that change is coming for them against their will.

This past weekend I posted on LinkedIn about how even Google results are torn on whether AI will replace graphic designers, and it led to a lot of conversation. Take a minute to read the post and let me know what you think. I’ll probably expand on it in a future blog post.

News at the Intersection of AI and Design

AI is Your Co-Pilot. You are the Pilot

Microsoft’s VP of Design and Artificial Intelligence, was recently on a design podcast where he talked about how to best use generative AI with your designs. And he talks about WHY it’s important for designers to learn and understand generative AI.

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Toyota Research Institute Reveals AI-Powered Vehicle Design Tool

Toyota Research Institute has introduced a generative AI tool that aids vehicle designers in generating design sketches through text prompts, enabling the exploration of creativity while ensuring efficient design development. This technique, which blends optimization theory with text-to-image generative AI, could expedite new design creation by quickly and efficiently balancing aesthetics and engineering considerations.

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Design Army Uses AI to Craft Innovative Brand Campaign

Design Army, a popular design studio, made use of AI technology to design an entire brand campaign for longtime client Georgetown Optician, highlighting the practical capabilities of AI in design. The successful and efficient completion of the project in just weeks rather than months, suggests a prominent role for AI in the future of design.

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New Resources for you

This past week also saw a report by McKinsey that estimates that generative AI will achieve human levels of performance far earlier than originally predicted. The area that surprised me the most was Creativity. It was originally expected to reach high human potential between 2045-2065, and it’s now down to 2025-2031. That’s a huge jump! I recapped parts of the report with my thoughts.

Technology where AI will achieve human-levels of performance.

With the report findings, as well as feedback on the LinkedIn article, it’s clear that many designers are in denial when it comes to AI. Designers need a wake up call on this subject. I want to help them be aware and preparted for when reality comes knocking at their door. If you know anyone that is like this, please point them in my direction.

Graphic designer in denial about AI

Also, I’m now offering a 15-minute one-on-one to help you set up your generative AI systems. If you don’t know where to get started, let’s chat!

Next week I’ll be digging into why designers need to be worried about some employers or clients.

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Jim MacLeod

Jim MacLeod

Jim MacLeod was a graphic designer for more than a decade before pivoting to adjacent areas of focus such as marketing, digital experience, and branding. Knowing that AI is going to displace many graphic designers, Jim set up After Design to help designers prepare for this impending change. 

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