Gartner Predictions for AI and Jobs (it’s a mixed bag)

Gartner analyst presenting data

Industry analyst Gartner released some recent recearch on how AI will impact jobs.

The TLDR version is that Gartner expects AI’s job impact to be net neutral by 2026.

By 2036 Gartner expects there to be 500,000 new human jobs due to AI.

While this sounds good, it may not apply to your job.

Around 1900, 40% of the US worked on farms. Today that number is closer to 1.6%. Now this may sound really alarming, but these workers in 1900 didn’t have career choices like SEO manager or video game architect.

Times change and some jobs can be automated. We all know that most companies will save a dollar if it’s possible. And if that means replacing a person with some form of automation, they’ll do it.

Can your job be automated and still provide 80% of the value for 20% of the cost? If so, how are you preparing for your future?

In my most recent article, I dig further into Gartner’s predictions.

News at the Intersection of AI and Design

Graphic Design Statistics (How Many Graphic Designers Are There?)

I just read an eye-opening article about our graphic design world.

  • Globally, our market is worth $43.4 billion with over half a million of us, and 265,000 in the US. Most of us are freelancers and our numbers are set to grow by 3% by 2031.
  • Trend-wise, we’re seeing a revival of fluorescent colors and 90s nostalgia. And guess what? Photoshop still reigns supreme in our software toolkit.

Keep reading for more detailed insights and statistics about the graphic design industry.

Seven AI Companies Commit to Safeguards at the White House’s Request

Big AI players like Microsoft, Google, and OpenAI are stepping up their game in response to a nudge from the White House.

  • These tech giants have voluntarily agreed to follow certain principles to ensure the responsible development of their AI technology. The catch? This agreement will only hold until Congress passes legislation to regulate AI.
  • The companies have agreed to eight measures focusing on safety, security, and social responsibility. These include allowing independent experts to test models, investing in cybersecurity, and even watermarking AI-generated content.

Here’s the full article.

The Rise of AI UX: How to Design AI Assistants that Users Will Love

The rise of AI user experience (UX) and how to design AI assistants that users will love.

  • The piece talks about the concept of AI “copilots” – AI agents that collaborate with you on tasks through natural conversation. It’s like having a helpful assistant embedded right in your workflow. But designing these copilots is not as simple as it seems and requires a lot of thoughtfulness and care.
  • The article shares some insider tips on crafting a copilot, from managing expectations to continuous improvement. It also emphasizes the importance of a collaborative approach involving design, research, engineering, content strategy, and trust and safety teams.

Want to know more? Here’s the full article.

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Jim MacLeod

Jim MacLeod

Jim MacLeod was a graphic designer for more than a decade before pivoting to adjacent areas of focus such as marketing, digital experience, and branding. Knowing that AI is going to displace many graphic designers, Jim set up After Design to help designers prepare for this impending change. 

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