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  • Design ➡️ Strategy 21 April 2024 | Issue #44 In this issue: Is strategy the death of design? Can we have ethical AI? Which states use AI the most AI prompts: The book Adobe Premiere Pro adding genAI capabilities How to set up your own Discord server for Midjourney Find inspiration in Cleveland Prompt: a strategist leading a design session. --ar 16:9 (it was black and white, then I added the color in Photoshop) "Strategy" can be a tricky word. It means different things to different people. For some, it sets the...Read more
  • Knowing WHEN to use AI is a necessary skill 14 April 2024 | Issue #43 In this issue: Sometimes, AI isn't the answer LLMs are amazing, but why? When is content "good enough" to publish? Adobe Firefly: create images based on your sketches Easily edit images in ChatGPT Secrets behind my process I helped write a book! Pink Floyd had their own fail whale recently Knowing how to use AI is a useful skill. Knowing when to use AI can be even more important. Recently, Pink Floyd ran a contest encouraging fans to make visualizations to celebrate...Read more
  • Design jobs 📈 and writing jobs 📉 since genAI launched 7 April 2024 | Issue #42 In this issue: Data shows AI ISN'T taking your jobs Rand Fishkin is willing to bet $5000 this is true I helped write a book Everything will be fine! A recent comprehensive analysis of over 5 million freelancing jobs has shed some light on the issue of AI taking jobs away from people. It reveals trends that are reassuring for creative professionals. The 3 categories with the largest declines were writing, translation and customer service jobs. The number of writing...Read more
  • What's more fake? AI or anti-AI protests? 31 March 2024 | Issue #41 In this issue: Anti-AI protests ... kinda? SXSW: creatives and technologists clash Is it AI or not? Quiz Google: AI will replace agencies Canva acquires Affinity Secrets behind my process I helped write a book! No better way to show how human designers are better than AI (as of today) Did you hear about the protests at SXSW? There was a group of designers who were protesting AI taking their jobs. The right of expressing oneself is a cornerstone of democracy, and...Read more
  • Are you an AI doomer or boomer? 24 March 2024 | Issue #40 In this issue: Doomers and boomers debate AI Pastors: AI replacing people okay for others, but not for me GPT-5 coming this year Photoshop controversy AI arms race, Apple + Google ?!? Reddit users not concerned about AI taking design jobs At a recent private screening of "Oppenheimer" hosted in a co-living space near Alamo Square—a hub for both AI optimists and pessimists—attendees from both camps gathered to reflect on the historical parallels between nuclear...Read more
  • Designers are circles, developers are squares 17 March 2024 | Issue #39 In this issue: AI will handle 95% of what marketing agencies will do AI comments on LinkedIn Midjourney consistent characters Devin, AI for software engineering How to use AI to write a book about AI Designers are circles, developers are squares Hit those KPIs Happy St. Patrick's Day to those of you in the US who aspire to be like those of us with Irish lineage. If you may have been over-served last night, well, I don't know if this newsletter will help. But Sláinte!...Read more