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  • What ChatGPT 4o and the End of Search Mean for You 18 May 2024 | Issue #48 In this issue: Too much AI news ChatGPT Mac app Has generative AI already peaked? breakdown Dall-E 3 Prompt: Please create an image of a person being inundated with news --ar 16:9 It has been a week for AI. There are so many great recaps floating out there on OpenAI's and Google's AI announcements from this past week. Many jobs will be impacted, but now, let's focus on how these announcements impact designers and marketers. First up, Open AI introduced ChatGPT...Read more
  • Who are the most valuable designers? And why? 12 May 2024 | Issue #47 In this issue: The most valuable designers Apple ad backlash New AI data from Microsoft CEX recap Prompt: a woman who is a designer with multiple arms coming out of her back using different design and art tools. This can be an illustration. --ar 16:9 What is one of the differences between FAANG companies and other companies? Design. FAANG was the acronym for Facebook, Apple, Amazon, Netflix, and Google. The term has gone out of style as two of these companies (Meta and...Read more
  • AI Hype is Dying Down, But Not Because it's Going Away 5 May 2024 | Issue #46 In this issue: The AI hype will die down Thinking frameworks for AI How AI is changing work at Asana Midjourney breaks free of Discord An AI agent for your browser I'm in Cleveland! Midjourney on the web The AI hype will die down. It's already starting. Even though I'm 46 issues into this newsletter, at some point it will come to an end. The buzz around AI will go away and people will become accustomed to it. The reason for this is that AI will eventually be baked into...Read more
  • Working With AI to Compete Against AI 28 April 2024 | Issue #45 In this issue: How to compete with AI for your first job Synthesia launches expressive avatars Regenerative AI: The future of digital advertising? Where is your organization on the AI Acceleration journey? New podcast you have to listen to Set up your own Discord server for Midjourney Prompt: a group of students are talking to a 40-year-old woman --ar 16:9 If you're somebody who is getting ready to enter the marketing field, I have a couple of scary numbers for you:...Read more
  • Design ➡️ Strategy 21 April 2024 | Issue #44 In this issue: Is strategy the death of design? Can we have ethical AI? Which states use AI the most AI prompts: The book Adobe Premiere Pro adding genAI capabilities How to set up your own Discord server for Midjourney Find inspiration in Cleveland Prompt: a strategist leading a design session. --ar 16:9 (it was black and white, then I added the color in Photoshop) "Strategy" can be a tricky word. It means different things to different people. For some, it sets the...Read more
  • Knowing WHEN to use AI is a necessary skill 14 April 2024 | Issue #43 In this issue: Sometimes, AI isn't the answer LLMs are amazing, but why? When is content "good enough" to publish? Adobe Firefly: create images based on your sketches Easily edit images in ChatGPT Secrets behind my process I helped write a book! Pink Floyd had their own fail whale recently Knowing how to use AI is a useful skill. Knowing when to use AI can be even more important. Recently, Pink Floyd ran a contest encouraging fans to make visualizations to celebrate...Read more