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  • It feels late, but it's not Woman using AI to create stuff 29 November 2023 | Issue #25 The more things change, the more they stay the same, especially when it comes to tech revolutions. Massive shifts like AI are nothing we haven't seen in the past. Think about the telegraph or the assembly line – these weren't just inventions, they were game-changers that totally reshaped how we work and live. It's like we're in the middle of another one of those big shifts with AI. Some people think AI will be bigger than the Internet. For those of you of a...Read more
  • AI is full of opportunities for designers! Here are a few AI-powered designers! 24 November 2023 | Issue #24 The growth of AI technologies like ChatGPT has led to a surge in demand for AI-related skills across various industries. This demand is evident in the 21-fold increase in job postings on LinkedIn mentioning GPT or ChatGPT since last year. The roles in this burgeoning field are diverse, ranging from software developers to machine learning engineers, and even extending to unique niches like AI content editing and ChatGPT course instruction. For designers and...Read more
  • It's only been a year since ChatGPT launched?!? Getting creative help from AI 16 November 2023 | Issue #23 I watched an interesting video on Threads earlier this week from designer and YouTuber, Fuller Moehagen. In the video, he gives his thoughts on a recent Fortune article that talked about AI's impact on graphic design. Fuller says you don't have to be "team AI is bad" or "team AI is good." It's simply happening. At this point, AI is like gravity. You can try to thwart it for a little while, but at the end, gravity always wins. It just is. AI is here and it's...Read more
  • Master Mold is here: robots making robots Robot taking a test 9 November 2023 | Issue #22 What happens when robots start making robots? We're about to find out. This past week, OpenAI introduced the ability to create GPTs with ChatGPT. You'll be able to create your own GPT (Generative Pre-trained Transformer) just by asking ChatGPT a few questions. Now you can customize it with your own information and knowledge. You could have multiple GPTs for different purposes. To help amplify these, OpenAI is also launching the GPT Store. It's like an app store...Read more
  • Biden Admin Issues Executive Order on AI. Now What? President Biden faces down AI 2 November 2023 | Issue #21 Prompt: please take this photo and have him staring at a robot. The robot is staring back at him. The realistic photo should have an overall blue hue. Shot on 70mm lens, Depth of Field, Bokeh, DOF, Tilt Blur, Shutter Speed 1/1000, F/22, 32k, Super-Resolution, with realistic skin tones and sharp details. --aspect 7:4 President Biden just released a major executive order on AI, and it's a game-changer, especially for us in the marketing...Read more
  • Have you named your AI chatbot? Me, if I was as cool as Midjourney thinks I should be. 25 October 2023 | Issue #20 Prompt: create a digitized version of this photo but make him look cooler --s 750 --ar 16:9 I was at the B2B Forum this year, and let me tell you, Ann Handley's Barbie-inspired presentation was a hit. But then generative AI took center stage, and the room's vibe started to shift. We had Andrew Davis introduce his digital twin, named Drewdini, and showed us how humanizing your AI creates better results because you're having more...Read more