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Pocahontas and Toy Story

The Evolution of Animation: A Tale of Pencils and Pixels

Why did animation studios move away from 2D animation? It’s cheaper and faster to produce CGI movies. By abandoning the focus on hand-drawn cels, the studios could put more effort into the stories. And the movies ended up being more profitable.

AI's robot lording over a group of workers

AI’s Impact on Knowledge Work

AI is great and it’s letting us do so many new, semi-creative things! But at what cost?

A recent Business Insider article breaks down the actual impact AI will have on jobs, how bad it will be, and how ill-prepared we are to help those who will lose their jobs due to AI.

AI Tidal Wave

The Future of Graphic Design: A Tidal Wave of Change

The rise of AI is poised to reshape the global economy and disrupt traditional design roles. Designers need to embrace change, invest in continuous learning, explore new opportunities, and collaborate with AI to adapt and thrive in this rapidly evolving landscape.

Gartner analyst presenting data

Gartner: Generative AI’s Impact on Jobs

The question isn’t whether we’ll be affected – we already are. The real question is how we respond. We need to adapt, learn, and grow in the face of these changes.