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After Design is the new newsletter for the graphic design community on the cusp of the AI revolution. In a world where generative AI tools pose an increasing threat to the livelihood of designers, After Design steps in to demystify this transition, offering in-depth insights, actionable advice, and compelling case studies to empower its readers. With a keen eye on the future, it bridges the gap between the intricacies of AI-driven design tools and the creative minds behind them, fostering a dialog that is vital in this rapidly evolving landscape.

This newsletter is not just about understanding the impending AI surge, but also about proactively preparing for it. A significant part of the content will be dedicated to profiling individuals who have successfully pivoted their careers away from traditional graphic design. These riveting stories are more than just narratives – they are roadmaps, offering guidance on new skill sets to acquire, industries to explore, and roles that could be a perfect fit for the creativity and visual communication expertise designers possess.

In this ever-changing tech-scape, After Design encourages you to view AI not as a threat, but as an opportunity to reinvent your career, to broaden your horizons, and to grow with the times. Through understanding, adaptability, and forward-thinking, After Design aims to help its readers navigate their careers in an era of AI ascendance.

So what will this be? To start, the primary focus will be this newsletter. The plan is to interview people who have successfully made the transition to a new career after graphic design. Later on, there will be courses to help you gain an understanding of how your existing skills can be applied to different careers.

In the meantime, feel free to check out AfterDesign.me to see what is available.

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Jim MacLeod

Jim MacLeod

Jim MacLeod was a graphic designer for more than a decade before pivoting to adjacent areas of focus such as marketing, digital experience, and branding. Knowing that AI is going to displace many graphic designers, Jim set up After Design to help designers prepare for this impending change. 

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