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Robots building robots

Master Mold is Here: Robots Making Robots

What happens when robots start making robots? We’re about to find out. This past week, OpenAI introduced the ability to create GPTs with ChatGPT. You’ll be

Me, if I was cool (according to Midjourney)

Have you named your AI chatbot?

I was at the B2B Forum this year, and let me tell you, Ann Handley’s Barbie-inspired presentation was a hit. But then generative AI took

Man walking to find a new job

Job Mobility is Job Stability

Gone are the days when mastering a single skill set and sticking to it for life guaranteed a secure career. In the design industry, this

The death of the website

Will AI replace the need for websites?

I was part of a fascinating round table yesterday with Andy Crestodina. Of course, it’s impossible to have a conversation with marketers without talking about AI.